ROC/Annual Return Filing

It stands for the Registrar of Companies which is a government department in charge of incorporating, monitoring, and regulating the companies registered in India. Every company registered in India is required to file jurisdictional forms and documents before it on an annual basis or as per the mandate of the Companies Act 2013.

Documents required for Annual Return Filing

Balance Sheet

For filing Form AOC-4.

Annual return

For filing Form MGT-7.

Cost Audit Report

For filing Form CRA-4.

ROC/Annual Return Filing Cost

We at Compregi believe in complete transparency in the complete registration process of your company. Below mentioned cost structure includes all the necessary government fees required at multiple stages of registration.


  • Free Consultancy
  • Free Search Check
  • Preview before Filing


  • Free Consultancy
  • Free Search Check
  • Preview before Filing
  • 100% Peace of Mind


  • Free Consultancy
  • Free Search Check
  • Preview before Filing

What is ROC Filing?

ROC filing is a process where the required documents and financial affidavits of a company are submitted to the Registrar of Companies. This process is done through different documents and forms, aimed at providing the company’s status, management of finances, and other details.

Companies registered under the Companies Act, 2013 must follow the regulatory requirements. If a company fails to follow the statutory obligations set by it, officers or company directors may face penalties or be charged fines.

Why is ROC Filing Important?

ROC Annual Filling Process is required by the government. All companies in India have to file different reports like Annual Return and Financial Statements with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). This filing can be done only by using the MCA portal, which needs a digital signature. Furthermore, there are other annual filings like Director’s Reports, AOA MOA, etc. The ROC Annual Filing process is a significant part of company compliance for the following reasons:

Financial Transparency:

First of all, since the ROC filing requires the submission of such documents as balance sheets, cash flow statements, and profit and loss accounts, it enables the investors, creditors, stakeholders, and government authorities to get a true and fair view of the financial position of the company. 

Legal Compliance:

ROC filing is mandatory for companies that are registered. If these companies do not comply with the legal requirements to file the necessary documents, this may result in sanctions, fines, late fees, or even dissolution.

Build Credibility:

It shows timely commitment to transparency, and that can help gain partners, clients, and customers who believe in the credibility of a company that files ROC annually by submitting financial statements.

Avoiding Legal Consequences:

If you fail to comply with ROC filing, you could face legal consequences; meanwhile, it is easy to avoid such consequences by meeting the ROC filing requirements.

Documents Required for ROC Annual Filing: 
  • Digital Signature Certificate
  • Board Resolution
  • Balance-Sheet
  • Profit & Loss Account
  • Annual Return
  • Cost Audit Report 
ROC Filing Deadlines for Company: 

 The deadline for ROC filing depends on the nature and scale of the business. 

  • One-Person Companies (OPCs): Within 60 days of the Annual General Meeting. 
  • Private Limited Companies: Within 30 days of AGM. 
  • Public Limited Companies: Within 60 days of AGM. 
  • Small Companies: Within 90 days of AGM. 

What E-forms are Required to be Filed with ROC?

Form AOC-4, whose purpose is to provide financial statements such as a profit and loss account and a balance sheet for the company.

Form MGT-7 is used to file a company’s annual return.

Form DIR-12 contains the details about the directors of your company like their names, their present addresses, their permanent addresses, and whether they have resigned or not.

Form CRA-4 is used to file the Cost Audit Report.

What is the ROC E-filing Process on MCA? (

Login to the MCA portal using your Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).
Fill out the form, providing all the necessary information requested. Make sure it is relevant and up to date.
Attach the necessary documents, such as the audited financial statements and board resolution.
Submit the form and pay any applicable fees online.
You will be notified of the filing, and the ROC will proceed with the application.

What are the Challenges faced while ROC Filing?


Virtual Seal for both the directors to sign the documents.

Missing deadlines

Through lack of awareness or internal mismanagement, companies can fail to meet or miss deadlines.

Inaccurate Information

Providing incorrect information during ROC filing, may lead to legal actions and blow the entire company's reputation.


Refusal to comply with ROC filing regulations can result in penalties and fines for companies.


Do I need professional help with ROC filing?

You can always file ROC documents on your own but by seeking professionals like CompRegi’s help, you can ensure an accurate and law-abiding report. 

What are the fees for ROC filing?

Authorized Capital of Company

Filing Fee

Up to ₹99,999/-


₹1,00,000/- Up to ₹4,99,999/-


₹5,00,000/- up to ₹24,00,000/-


₹25,00,000/- up to ₹99,99,999/-


₹1,00,00,000/- or More 


Can ROC filing be done online?

Yes, ROC filling must be done Online via the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) portal.

Can corrections be made to an ROC filing if errors are found?

If errors are made, you can amend or rectify your ROC filings with the ROC for the prior year. But, it would be better to avoid errors in the first place by ensuring that the data being furnished is accurate. 

Why is ROC filing necessary for my company?

ROC filing is mandatory for all companies registered under the Companies Act. It ensures your company’s legal compliance, financial transparency, and accountability.

Why Choose CompRegi for your Annual ROC filing?

As we have already established, ROC filing is crucial for all registered companies in India. To ensure the complete accuracy of the financial documents, meet deadlines, and avoid penalties for non-compliance or missing deadlines, choose CompRegi. With our affordable plan of only ₹1499/-, you get free consultancy, free search check, preview before the ROC filing, and most importantly complete peace of mind. So, you can sit back and relax while handing over the hassles of ROC filing to our experts. 

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