FSSAI Registration

Good and healthy food is what everyone desires. Food Business Operators(FBO) such as manufacturer, transporter, distributor etc. may take all the precautionary measures but without FSSAI registration the final verdict of its safety is not valid. This 14 digit number ensures that the food products undergo quality check before reaching the target audience.

FSSAI Registration Process

Assure the quality of your product in just 2 days!

Step 1: Eligibility check

2 Hours: Depending upon the turnover of your business, acceptability criteria will be determined as to what types of licence is required.

Step 2: Form Filling

1 Working Day: Once the criteria is determined Form A or Form B, as per the eligibility, is duly filled along with the declaration form and required documents.

Step 3 : Application Inspection

1 Working day: On final submission of the forms with the appropriate authority, it is inspected by them for its genuinity.

Step 4 : Licence Issue

Upto 60 Days: With competent authority validating the submitted form, FSSAI License is issued.

Types of FSSAI License

FSSAI Basic License

Issued by the State Government to all small manufacturers and distributors with annual turnover less than 12 Lakhs.

FSSAI State License

 Issued by the State Government to SMEs in the food business with annual turnover lying between 12 Lakhs and 20 Crores.

FSSAI Central License

Issued by Central Government to the agencies operating as importers or exporters of food stuffs with annual turnover more than 20 Crore.

Documents required for FSSAI registration

ID Proof

Scanned copies of PAN Card and Aadhar Card/Voter ID/Passport/Driving License of the owner.

Address Proof

Bank Statement/Utility bill in the name of the owner, not older than 2 months.


Latest Passport size photograph.

CA declaration

For companies with turnover exceeding 18 Crores.

IEC Code

In case of FSSAI Central License.

What do you get

FSSAI License

A 14 digit government approved certificate in your name.

FSSAI Registration Cost

We at Compregi believe in complete transparency in the complete registration process of your company. Below mentioned cost structure includes minimal fee required at multiple stages of registration.


  • Free Consultancy
  • Free Search Check
  • Preview before Filing


  • Free Consultancy
  • Free Search Check
  • Preview before Filing
  • 100% Peace of Mind


  • Free Consultancy
  • Free Search Check
  • Preview before Filing

Why Choose Compregi?

The Experts and professionals at Compregi help you with all the process, right from opening a bank account for your company to legally getting your business started. We believe in complete transparency in all the processes and keep you updated with each ongoing step. We value your time and ensure you with the complete registration process within the promised time period. So join us for a seamless registration and endless possibilities for your business.

What is FSSAI registration in India?

Registration as FSSAI is the process by which food businesses/operators (FBOs) in India get a 14-digit registration number from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). Registration is a mandatory requirement for all FBOs as per the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, and the Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) Regulations, 2011.

The FSSAI registration process is per the size and revenue of the food industry. There are three types of FSSAI registrations:


    • FSSAI Basic Registration (Form A): For FBOs which have an annual turnover of less than Rs 12 lakhs.
    • FSSAI State License (Form B): For FBOs having an annual turnover of Rs 12 lakh to Rs 20 crore.
    • FSSAI Central License (Form B): For FBOs having annual turnover of more than Rs 20 crores, operating in more than one state or involved in exports or imports.

At CompRegi we appreciate the significance of FSSAI registration of your food business because it ensures quality and consumer safety, which are the underlining pillars of our organization. 

What are the benefits of FSSAI registration

Having an FSSAI registration makes a lot of sense for food business operators as it allows adherence to legal rules, creates trust among consumers and gives a hand in business expansion. Let’s explore these benefits in more detail:

Legal compliance

FSSAI registration is mandatory for all food business operators across India that strictly follows the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. The seal of an FSSAI registration shows not only the adherence with the Act but also the regulations that accompany it. As such, these regulations are not only meant to avoid legal consequences but also create an impression that your business is credible and professional in the food sector.

Consumer trust

The FSSAI registration number shown on your food packs, logos, or premises will build consumer confidence. This will reassure them that your food business is highly compliant with the national food safety and quality standards. This trust factor is a strong determinant of consumer behavior and often results in brand loyalty with good product reviews, among other things.

Business growth

FSSAI registration is one of the steps for you to take to grow your food business. It helps you get in the loop of supplying food products to the big actors, like supermarkets, hotels and restaurants, that usually ask for official FSSAI registration from their vendors as a prerequisite. Apart from this, an FSSAI registration is considered to be an initial step in contracting and tendering food supplies to the government. Furthermore, the FSSAI registration is vital as it helps companies to reach the market requirements of foreign countries in which they want to export food products.

Improved food safety

The FSSAI registration process ensures that your food business meets all the criteria of good manufacturing procedures (GMP) and hygiene standards. Through the implementation of mandatory food safety management systems, such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), your business can reduce the risk of foodborne illness, contamination, and other issues significantly. This not only values consumer health but also ensures that your business is legally protected and keeps from any reputational damage.

Who requires FSSAI License and Registration in India

The following food business operators (FBOs) are required to obtain an FSSAI license or registration in India and must know how to get FSSAI registration:

  • Food product manufacturers, processors, packers, and importers.
  • Dairy and dairy products sellers, meat and poultry shops, egg and fish sellers.
  • Restaurants, eateries, canteens, caterers, and other food service outlets
  • Food product wholesalers, distributors, and retailers.
  • Food transporters and warehouse operators.
  • Food-based e-commerce enterprises.
  • Small food producers, hawkers and street food sellers.
  • Vendors at religious rallies, fairs and festivals.

What are the documents required for FSSAI registration

The following documents are required to obtain FSSAI online registration, FSSAI state license and FSSAI central license:

  • ID card of the food business operators.
  • The business constitution certificate, like:
  • partnership deed, 
    • certificate of incorporation, 
    • shop and establishment licence 
    • any other business registration certificate as required.
  • Proof of ownership of business premises: 
    • rental agreement (lease agreement), 
    • NOC from the owner of the rented premises, 
    • utility bills 
  • A food safety management system plan.
  • List of products manufactured or processed.
  • Bank account information.
  • (If necessary) Attach the documents of NOC (No Objection Certificate) by the: 
    • Municipality or Panchayat, 
    • Health NOC, 
    • copy of License from the manufacturer


How to get FSSAI registration?

To get FSSAI registration, you need to visit the official FSSAI website. Then, select the relevant form (Form A for basic registration or Form B for state/central license). Send the filled form together with the necessary documents and pay the fees through the online system.

How long does FSSAI registration take?

The time for registration under FSSAI depends on the type of registration and completeness of the application. Usually, normal registration takes about 7-10 working days, and state and central licenses may take up to 30-60 days.

How long does FSSAI registration remain valid?

The category of registration determines the duration of FSSAI registration. Basic registration is for 1-5 years, and state and central licenses are for 1-5 years, depending upon the choice of FBO at the time of application.

Is FSSAI registration compulsory for all food businesses?

Indeed, all food business operators in India have to obtain FSSAI registration irrespective of the size and turnover of the business. Failure to comply can result in hefty fines and even imprisonment in extreme cases.

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