Expert Assistance for Digital Signature Certificate Application

At CompRegi, we are aware of the importance of digital signing certificates (DSCs) in today’s digital world. Our team of specialists in DSCs is determined to offer professional services to individuals and nonprofit organizations that aspire to renew or apply for DSCs.

With our specialized knowledge of the application process and the latest regulations, we simplify the entire process and go a step further by making it as simple as possible for clients. Whether you are an individual who needs a DSC from CompRegi or just needs it for your company, CompRegi will assist you every step of the way, from documentation and signing up to having your DSC issued.

Simple Digital Signature: This comes without encryption and is mostly not advisable as decrypting it is quite easy.
Advanced and Qualified Digital Signature: The most widely trusted and used form of Digital Signature, this uses a highly advanced Cryptographic algorithm to keep the data private between the sender and the receiver.
Basic Digital Signature: More or less same as Simple Digital Signature is also not security bounded by a Cryptographic algorithm.

Digital Signature Cost

We at Compregi believe in complete transparency in the complete registration process of your company. Below mentioned cost structure includes all the necessary government fees required at multiple stages of registration.


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  • Free Consultancy
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  • Free Consultancy
  • Free Search Check
  • Preview before Filing

Digital Signature Certificate

A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a digital document that serves as proof in the electronic universe of a person’s or an organization’s real identity. It acts as an electronic form of a paper signature, allowing for authenticity, integrity, and non-repudiation of website-based deals. In India, the IT Act 2000 provides legal status to documents signed digitally, and hence, DSCs come into legal existence.

By virtue of the IT Act Section 35, a digital signature is considered valid only if a digital signature is issued by the licensed Certifying Authority(CA) and complies with the prescribed standards. CompRegi cooperates with legit CAs to make sure that your digital signature registration is legally sufficient and is accepted without any condition.

DSC for Individual

Citizens are allowed to use a Digital Signature Certificate for document signing, online tax filing and electronic transactions with the highest level of security. To apply for DSC, follow these steps:

For your convenience, please find the trusted CA- Certifying Authority website.

Fill out the DSC application form with your data.

Send the necessary papers, for instance, information about you and the address.

Ensures the existence of the company by defining rules and objectives of the business.

Adhere to physical verification if demanded by the CA.

After you receive your DSC, proceed to download and install it accordingly.

DSC for Company/Organization

An organization can get hold of the DSC, with which the authorized person can digitally sign documents for the firm/company. The process for DSC apply online for a company is similar to that of an individual, with a few additional requirements:

Decide the representatives who would be the DSC holders.
Assemble the essential documents, such as the company registration document and the board resolution.
Fill up the application form and attach the documents to be sent to the selected CA for processing.
Perform the validation of physicality of signatories, if needed.
Put DSC into actual use on company's systems.

Benefits of DSC and Its Importance

DSC holds an impactful role in secure online transactions. Listed are the importance or benefits of digital signature certificates:

Increased Efficiency

DSCs bring the possibility of signing the documents digitally and sending them without mail, as a result, both paperwork and mail are unnecessary. It eases up the processes, quickens turnaround times, and enables to sign remotely, thus make exchanges faster and more efficient. Through the DSCs, you can submit applications for the services, report tax, and conduct your business processes in the online mode with maximum compliance.

Enhanced Security

The digital signature certificates are to digital documents what the real-life signatures are to physical brochures. Such act reinforces integrity while eliminating the possibility of manipulation, forgery, and unauthorized access, making your private records secure. DSCs guarantee the security of data, and thus, they are a good choice for money dealing, signing legal deals, and exchanging sensitive data on the net.

Legal Validity

Private Limited Companies may qualify for various tax benefits and exemptions, making them tax-efficient entities. According to Section 80IAC of the Income Tax Act, shareholders of startups registered as a private limited company can claim up to 3 consecutive financial years as tax holidays.

Time and Cost Savings

Applying for a DSC is a highly advantageous move in that it allows you to perform electronic procedures while minimizing the associated time and cost expenditure. You can be able to save on printing, courier and storage expenses, as well as reduce the amount of time spent on the manual signing, and the document exchange process. DSCs enable to do the business deal speedily, cost-effectively and in an efficient time.

Renewal of DSC

These certificates are usually valid for a designated period (being a year, or two, or even three years). To retain seamless digital signing access, it is the office’s responsibility to renew your DSC before it expiration. The process for buy digital signature renewal is as follows:

Check the expiry date of the current DSC.

Go to your CA website and start the renewal process.

Send the necessary documents with the payment for renewal

Download and install the DSC update

Acquire Your DGFT Digital Signature Securely with CompRegi

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has a demand for exporters and importers to get an absolutely specialized DSC to conduct trading transactions through DGFT`s online portal. CompRegi takes care of the whole digital signature obtaining process staying within the security and time limits.

  • Our team gets you through all procedure phases from application to issuance.
  • The DSC we provide is 100% compliant with the DGFT regulatory framework.
  • Our cooperation with the world leaders in the CA sector gives you the confidence your digital signature cannot be forged.
  • After issuance, we offer ongoing support to help you exploit your DGFT DSC efficiently for smooth trade transactions.

CompRegi endeavors to help out all those who seek to acquire or renew their digital signature certificates by giving them expert advice. When dealing with any of our API options, we will make sure that your DSC application process is streamlined and that all the regulations are followed. This is achieved through our comprehensive back support and partnerships with trusted CAs.


Where can I apply for a digital signature certificate online?

DSC application via the online method is obtainable by visiting the website of a certifying authority that works in compliance with the norms and proceeding the online application.

Is a digital signature legally valid?

The IT Act of 2000 accepts digital signatures if licensed CAs issue it.

How long does a DSC remain valid for?

The time frame during which a DSC is valid differs from issuer to issuer and from one certificate to another and lasts from one to three years.

What is the essence of DSC certificate?

DSC or Digital Signature Certificate is a secure and unique digital key, the CA issues, trusted authority to verify and certify the identity of the person who signs the document digitally. The signature technology of Digital Signature is public key encryption, which is used to sign the document.

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