PF - ESIC Registration

A company exceeding 20 employees has to register itself for PF and ESIC in which contribution by both the employee and employer is made for the future benefits of the employee. Under ESIC the health benefits of the employee are unlocked under different government schemes.

Documents required for FSSAI registration

1ID Proof

Scanned copies of

  • PAN Card 
  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter ID
  • Passport
  • Driving License
    of all the directors of the company are needed.

Address Proof

Bank Statement/Utility bill in the name of the Director, not older than 2 months.

Registered Office Proof

-No Objection Certificate(NOC) from the owner.
-Utility bill(not older than 2 months). 
-Notarized rent agreement,in case of rented property, or, registry proof, in case of owned property.

Bank Account Details

Cancelled Cheques or recent bank statements.

What do you get

PF - ESIC Number

Unique numbers for all your employees.

PF - ESIC Registration

We at Compregi believe in complete transparency in the complete registration process of your company. Below mentioned cost structure includes minimal fee required at multiple stages of registration.


  • Free Consultancy
  • Free Search Check
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  • Free Consultancy
  • Free Search Check
  • Preview before Filing
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  • Free Consultancy
  • Free Search Check
  • Preview before Filing

What is PF-ESI Registration ?

PF and ESI registration are two very important compliances in India for businesses. The Employee Provident Fund (EPF) and Employee State Insurance (ESI) are two key social security schemes that aim to improve the financial well-being of employees. ESI and PF registration are compulsory for companies that satisfy the criteria stated in Section 3A of the EPF & MP Act, 1952, and the ESIC Act, 1948, respectively.

PF ESI registration applicability is determined by aspects like the number of employees and type of business. Entities that have at least 20 employees are required to register for PF. The registration is for those establishments that have at least 10 employees. However, small-scale units also have their own option to register themselves with the PF ESI registration voluntarily.

It is possible to be confident that the PF ESI registration process can be very complicated and long. That’s where CompRegi, a leading ESI PF registration consultant, takes the charge. Their proficiency and customer-oriented service options highlight how CompRegi makes the registration process straightforward, keeping the business in compliance with the recent enactments.

Eligibility Criteria for PF-ESI Registration

The following factors should be taken into account to determine whether a company falls under ESI PF registration eligibility.

Number of employees: Companies employing 20 workers or more must enrol for PF, and those with more than 10 workers must register for ESI.

Wage limit: Employees earning up to Rs 15,000 per month will be covered under PF. Employees earning Rs 21,000 or below will benefit from ESI.

Nature of the establishment: Factories, shops, restaurants, entertainment companies, road transport companies, and educational institutions are among the establishments covered by the ESI Act.

What are the Benefits of PF-ESI Registration in Tirunelveli?

PF and ESI registration offers numerous benefits to both employees and employers:

Financial security
The PF and the ESI are there for employees in situations where they have no job, health-related issues or after retirement.
Social security benefits
Those who are insured may take advantage of different benefits including sickness benefits (pregnancy and maternity), medical allowance (on disability) as provided under the ESI frame work.
Tax benefits
The company's contributions to PF as well as ESI are tax-deductible and the employee's contributions are exempt from tax.
Through enrollment in PF and ESI, businesses save themselves from legal tangles and penalties (ensuring their compliance with legislative norms).
Employee loyalty
To employers, providing PF and PSI benefits will build a base to attract skilled workers and to keep employees engaged, yielding a productive and good work atmosphere.
Improved productivity
Stable and protected workers usually gain more self-realization and power, which in turn improves a business's efficiency.
Risk mitigation
PF and ESI registration help to curtail to a significant level, the financial liabilities exposed to employer's due to labor welfare issues.
Government support
Companies registered with the government can enjoy diverse schemes and incentives for profit sustenance, employee welfare, and social security.

CompRegi is aware of the benefits of this registration and provides its business unit with the required supports to fill their PF and ESI registration. Their staff of professionals guarantee that companies can take the fullest opportunity of the benefits of being PF and ESI regular companies.

What is the Procedure for PF-ESI Registration in Tirunelveli?

The process of PFERS registration steps as follows:

Get an establishment code

Businesses are expected to get an employment code through an online registration of their business on the Shram Suvidha Portal.

Register for PF

Employers can log into the portal which allows EPFO registration via their establishment code online.

Register for ESI

The same case applies to the ESIC where employers can log and access the portal through the ESIC site using their establishment code.

Submit necessary documents

Employees are expected to give the necessary documents required for PF ESI registration which include business registration proof, the list of their employees and residential proof.

Obtain registration numbers

After successful registration, the employers will be given the PF and ESI registration numbers.

What are the Documents Required for PF-ESI Registration Tirunelveli

The list of documents required for PF and ESI registration includes:

    • Registration Certificates under Applicable Acts
    • Employee Details
    • Employees Register
    • Company PAN Card
    • GST Registration
    • Banking Information
    • Digital Signature
    • Director Information
    • Shareholder Information
    • Address Proof
    • Contact Information

Why Choose Compregi?

The Experts and professionals at Compregi help you with all the process, right from opening a bank account for your company to legally getting your business started. We believe in complete transparency in all the processes and keep you updated with each ongoing step. We value your time and ensure you with the complete registration process within the promised time period. So join us for a seamless registration and endless possibilities for your business.


Do all businesses need to register for PF-ESI?

Not, there is a provision of PF-ESI registration for those firms that have 20 or more workers in the case of PF and 10 or more employees in case of ESI only. Nevertheless, if they tend to be small businesses, there is a chance for them to voluntarily opt for registration.

Are there any options available for a business either for PF or ESI registration?

Moreover, a business has a choice whether to register for either PF or ESI, which is governed by its eligibility and demand. Nevertheless, it is important to check a national social security scheme together with the EU program in order to provide employees with full social security benefits.

How long does the registration of PF-ESI process take?

The PF and ESI online registration process is simple and can be completed within a few days if all the documents are submitted in the proper format. Nevertheless, the processing term may vary from one case to the other as it is also determined by the number of applications made and the effectiveness of the respective authorities.

What is the registration process for group companies at the time of ESI PF?

Registration of PF and ESI is applicable to establishment as well as group companies. It means each group company must obtain separate registration. But, the process does not change at all, and employers can use the Shram Suvidha Portal for the platform’s registration.

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