GST Registration Danapur

For a product to finally reach its target audience, it has to go through multiple stages. And GST is levied in the raw material at all these stages.However, a 15 digit Goods and Service Tax Identification Number(GSTIN) is important for every company to avail taxation benefits with turnover above Rs 40 Lakhs. The registration process ensures the smooth running of the company in the long run without any tax related hindrance.

GST Registration Process

GSTIN in Just 5 Days

Step 1 : Documents Arrangement

1 Working Days : Even unavailability of a single document leads to rejection of the application. However, the representatives at Compregi guides you with all such required documents and collects it from you for further processes, while you need not worry after signing the authorization letter.

Step 2 : GST Application Filing

1 Working Days : Once the authorization letter is received, next we proceed with the GST Application Filing process to get ARN by submitting the required documents online. You just have to provide us with the OTPs received on your email and mobile number to go ahead with the process.

Step 3 : GST Registration

2-3 Working Days: With successful submission of all the documents and form-filling, the work at our end is done and now it is with the authority to verify them and its status can be traced using the ARN number. On successful verification your GST Registration Certificate is issued.

Documents Required for GST Registration Danapur

1ID Proof

Scanned copies of

  • PAN Card 
  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter ID
  • Passport
  • Driving License
    of all the directors of the company are needed.

Bank Account Details

Cancelled Cheques or recent bank statements.


Latest Passport size photograph.

Registered Office Proof

-No Objection Certificate(NOC) from the owner.
-Utility bill(not older than 2 months).
-Notarized rent agreement,in case of rented property, or, registry proof, in case of owned property.

Authorization Letter/Board Resulotion

Authorization letter in all the cases except for companies, which require Board Resolution.

What Do You Get

GST registered Certificate containing ARN and GSTIN for seamless taxation benefits.

GST Registration Cost

We at Compregi believe in complete transparency in the complete registration process of your company. Below mentioned cost structure includes all the necessary government fees required at multiple stages of registration.


Rs. 999/-

Rs. 7,999/-

Rs. 13,999/-
GST Registration
UDHYAM (MSME) Registration x
Physical Kit
Company's Document File x
Letter for Bank Account x
Firm's Stamp x
Framed Certificate x
Professional Letter Heads x
Professional Visiting Cards x x
GST Return Filing 3 Months 1 Year 2 Years
Proprietor/Director's ITR Filing 1 Year 2 Years
Business Accounting x
Add/Removal of Partner or Director x
Office Address Update/Change x x
Update Business HSN Code x x
Website Domain Search
Website/App. Development
Brand Logo Design
Social Media Marketing
Trademark Registration
Payment Gateway x x
Drafting Legal Documents x x
Legal Retainership x x

Overview of Online GST Registration

After the introduction of GST registration in Danapur has changed tremendously and altered beyond recognition. The introduction of the GST, as an indirect tax system, harmonizes the indirect taxes and makes it easy for businesses to adhere to the imposed regulations. Online GST registration process in Danapur, has reduced the difficulties of business registration to small-scale entrepreneurs and made it possible for them to register their businesses online efficiently and smoothly. The GST registration rules in India for goods and services tax are regulated under the CGST Act 2017 and SGST Act 2017

CompRegi is an assurance of consistency for firms considering getting started in areas that involve the GST registration processes in India. The firm’s core competency lies in its ability to provide at the same time your organization’s personnel with professional guidance and comprehensive GST registration services through its specialized tools and software. This makes dealing with GST registration in India an easy process for your organization, leaving compliance with present GST rules easy and up to date.


  • Free Consultancy
  • Free Search Check
  • Preview before Filing


  • Free Consultancy
  • Free Search Check
  • Preview before Filing
  • 100% Peace of Mind


  • Free Consultancy
  • Free Search Check
  • Preview before Filing

Key Components of GST

GST is a broad-based indirect tax consisting of multiple indirect taxes previously levied by the central and state governments. GST has several components, which are as follows:

  • CGST
  • SGST
  • IGST

Who is Required to Register for GST?

GST registration is compulsory in Danapur only for businesses, like:

Registered individuals under the old tax system should fall under the Pre-GST law

Enterprise with a turnover than Rs 40 Lakh or Rs 20 Lakh, or Rs 10 Lakh

Individual with no particular legal status / Foreigner but having no legal status

Industry representatives and a supporter of subsidiary service providers.

It is those that are already subject to the reverse charge that is going to have to deal with the implications of Brexit.

A person who is an aggregator he/she is to supply the goods via e-commerce aggregating platform.

Every e-commerce aggregator

A vendor based in a country outside India providing the services of putting up information on the internet and retrieving digital data meant for a non-registered tax payer in India.

GST Registration Turnover Limit

GST registration limit in India differs in accordance with a business' nature and state applicable. The current turnover limit for GST registration in India is as follows:
For goods:
  • Rs 40 lakhs as central funds (Rs 20 lakhs for special category states)
  • For services: Re 20 lakh (Rs 10 lakh for particular category states)
  • 02
    The threshold limit for GST registration in India should be kept in mind. Once the business crosses this threshold, it needs to compulsorily get a GST registration number in India.

    Advantages of GST Registration for Businesses

      • Legality and compliance with state laws and tax procedures.
      • Eligibility to claim the input tax credit against purchase.
      • Improved credibility and trust among customers and suppliers.
      • Streamlined compulsory procedure for income tax and VAT returns.
      • The extraordinary effectiveness of business transactions.
      • An unbroken movement of goods and services across the borders of the states.
      • Reduction of the relay of the taxing effect.
      • Loans and financial aid provided by banks and financial institutions also become the less challenging task.
      • Odds of finding and using various business openings.
      • Making use of government tenders for the first time or bidding for the corresponding contracts.
      • Thus, the company will be able to evade fines along with the legal complications.
      • A streamlined and transparent tax system
      • Encouragement of voluntary compliance.

        The advantages of GST Registration for Businesses are as follows:

    • CompRegi knows how beneficial it is to businesses to register in India, and it will help businesses register for GST in India. Our experts’ team ensures that your business company fully takes advantage of the benefits of being GST compliant.

    GST Certificate

    It is the certificate which is granted by the GST Authority to a business upon the compliance with the requisite formalities of registration. The certificate of registration below notifies the GST registration number in Danapur(GSTIN), the legal name of the business, the office address, and the effective date of the registration.


    GSTIN or Goods and Service Tax Identification Number is formed of a single 15 digits code that has to be unique for the necessary procedure of registering under the GST system (enterprises like dealers, providers, and any other business entities).

    Voluntary GST Registration for Businesses

    Even though a business is not under the compulsion to GST registration requirements in Danapur, it may still register for such a tax by choice. Voluntary registration allows businesses to claim input tax credit and, as a result, companies earn a good reputation in the market. From the business perspective, it is especially relevant for companies participating in the inter-regional trade activities or considering the opportunities for establishing business presence in the future.

    GST Return Filing

    Once a business obtains GST registration in India, it is periodically required to file GST returns. If the business is fast-turning, the filing frequency is very high, and the owner has to file frequently. The GST returns are to be filed electronically via the GST portal. Businesses are expected to file the returns in a timely manner and provide accurate filing to avoid penalties and legal hurdles.

    Gst Registration Document Requirements Danapur

    To apply for GST registration in Danapur, businesses need to present certain papers in order to fulfill the GST registration process in India. These documents include:

    • PAN card.
    • Proof of Constitution of Business (Any One)
    • Proof of identity
    • Photographs.
    • Address proof of persons in charge.
    • Business’s address proof.
    • Proof of Appointment of Authorised Signatory (Any One)
    • Bank account statements.

    Consequences of Not Securing GST Registration

    Non-compliance with obtaining GST registration in India, when legally necessary, will negatively affect businesses. These consequences may include:

    Enacting fines and penalties for non-conforming.
    Situation when you cannot declare input tax credit.
    Formless in dealing with GST registered entities.
    Legal recourse and the sanctions for the cases of tax evasion.

    Why Choose Compregi?

    The Experts and professionals at Compregi help you with all the process, right from opening a bank account for your company to legally getting your business started. We believe in complete transparency in all the processes and keep you updated with each ongoing step. We value your time and ensure you with the complete registration process within the promised time period. So join us for a seamless registration and endless possibilities for your business.


    How to get a GST registration certificate in Danapur?

    Under the Indian regulation process, companies will apply to the GST GST site to get GST registration certificate. The process is online. The process could be accomplished in three phases: via the submission of papers, verification of the information registered, and upon approval issuing the certificate.

    Does everyone have to register for GST in Danapur?

    No, GST registration is not made obligatory for all the businesses in India. It is binding on businesses that reach a single defined turnover threshold or which are put under categories, e.g. e-commerce operators and under the reverse charge mechanism.

    How to verify my GST registration number in Danapur?

    You can go to GST Portal and find your GST registration number by using your login by entering your user ID and Password. Other alternatives can include asking for your GSTIN in your GST registration certificate or contacting the relevant tax authorities.

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